Charge System

12 volts is supplied from the BATTERY which flows through the IGNITION SWITCH, MICRO SWITCH, through the SOLENOID then to the FORWARD/REVERSE SWITCH and STARTER/GENERATOR. If the starter/generator fails to turn over when the gas pedal is pushed, perform the following tests.

With the ignition switch ON and the gas pedal DEPRESSED, check for 12 VOLTS at the small terminal of the solenoid that is not GROUNDED. If voltage is PRESENT, jumper the two LARGE termials on the solenoid. If motor turns, the solenoid is defective. If motor doesn't turn, either the Forward/Reverse Switch or the Starter/Generator needs testing. If NO voltage is present, check the ignition switch and the micro switch for voltage.

1) Remove all wires from starter/generator.
2) Connect 12 volt positive cable to A-1 terminal.
3) Connect 12 volt negative supply to F-1 terminal.
4) Use a jumper wire to connect A-2 and F-2 terminals.

1) Disconnect GREEN wire (DF) from starter/generator.
2) Using a jumper, connect the DF terminal to A1 terminal.
3) Place volt meter on battery.
4) Operate engine and note battery reading.
5) Reading should indicate a rising voltage.
6) If voltage rises, check the voltage regulator for proper operation.