The '63 to '81 Drive Clutch, also known as the Primary Drive is a "Wet Clutch" and needs to be filled with 12 ounces of 90 weight gear oil. When replacing oil, use part # 36369-77 to replace all the seals for smooth operation. The felt seal is trimmed to fit and installed DRY. Tighten shaft nut to 75-86 ft-lbs and secure with "tabs" on lock washer. Tighten the (3) acorn nuts (clutch cover) to 54-66 in-lbs.

IMPORTANT: The distance between the floating flange and edge of bearing is .040 to .060 in. Add/remove shims needed for required clearence. Shims are located at the outer side of the bearing. The only part that should be located inside of the bearing is the thick washer.

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