Columbia used a 2 cycle, loop-scavenged single cylinder engine with a reed valve intake. The engine is cooled by air and displaces 245cc. 2 cycle carts were made from 1982 to 1995.

A high quality, certified 2 cycle GOLF CART OIL (TCW-3) is mixed with low octane gas. 1-1/2 ounces of 2 cycle oil to 1 gallon of low octane gas (85 to 1) is the correct ratio.

Columbia carts manufactured after '84 used an oil injection system. The adjustment is as follows:
1) Remove the fan screen and points plate.
2) Jack up the car and operate at a governed speed of 2800 RPM.
3) Align the line to the right of the dot on pump lever with scribe line of pump boss.

ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS FOR '82 to Present (Piston diameter may vary slightly)
PISTON FIT IN CYLINDER .004-.005 in. (loose)
PISTON RING END GAP .007-.023 in.

ENGINE TURNS BUT: Cart Won't Start/Hard Starting or Lack of Power
ENGINE DOESN'T TURN: See "Charging System" category

The first task to do is a compression check The compression should be approximately 100 psi in FORWARD and 105 psi in REVERSE. A higher compression, 10-15 psi over, would suggest either a blocked exhaust port, build-up of carbon on the cylinder head or a BLOCKED MUFFLER. If the compression is high, disconnect the muffler to see if the compression returns to normal. If the compression is low, in either direction, a broken ring(s) is the problem. Remove the carbon from the piston top to get its size. If the compression is fine, check for a sealed crankcase The crankcase is sealed by the CRANKCASE GASKET, the OIL SEALS and the REED PLATE: BAD GASKET would be indicated by accummilation of dirt between the crankcase halves. BAD OIL SEALS would be evident by an accummilation of dirt either behind the stationary flange (the flange on the crankshaft) or around the fan shroud. BAD REED PLATE would be suspect if there is a backflush of gas in the air cleaner Crankcase ok? Check for spark NO SPARK or WEAK SPARK...Make sure points and plug are gapped correctly (see ENGINE category) If there is a sign of arcing OR a lot of spark at the POINTS, replace the condensor. If the spark plug is fouled, replace it. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT AUTOMOTIVE PARTS WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY AND CAN CAUSE DAMAGE, NAMELY POINTS (the points spring tension, if too much, can wear down the cam lobe and if not enough, will cause the points to bounce). Adjust TIMING to factory setting. With the points cover removed, you will see a scribe line on the points plate. Line this mark up with the punch mark on the side of the housing. For timing on Columbia carts, see the "Ignition System" category Good spark but no gas entering cylinder?? The FUEL DIAPHRAM (located in fuel pump) works from the engine vacumn. It is important that the crankcase is sealed and the compression is good. Rebuild the carb with a rebuild kit and flush all the passeges out. Inspect the REED PLATE ASSEMBLY. The pedals should not be missing or bent. A slight gap is normal.

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