TIMING, SPARK PLUG and POINTS need to be set correctly for the engine to operate at peak performance.

'82 to '85 carts can be timed by using the following procedure:
1) Remove the spark plug and the points cover.
2) Rotate piston to TDC and attach a test light to ground and upper arm of points.
3) Rotate the engine counter-clockwise beyond the point where the points close and the test light lights
4) Turn engine back slowly to the point that the test light goes out.
5) Tab on points cover should be centered on timing marks of fan housing.

'86 to '95 carts can be statically timed by using the following procedure:
1) Remove the spark plug from cylinder head.
2) Position plug on top of air shroud so base contacts air shroud bolt.
3) Attach spark plug wire to plug.
4) Attach a jumper wire between the battery (+)positive terminal and the coil's (+)positive terminal.
5) Move ignition module clockwise the full extent of the slotted holes,and then counter-clockwise until a spark occurs at the plug.
6) Lock down retaining screws.

'86 to '95 carts can also be timed by using a strobe timing light:
1) Run engine and shine light on timing marks.
2) Stop engine and move module to align marks.
3) Lock down retaining screws and recheck timing.

Severe arcing of the points, or no spark, is a indication of a faulty condenser. The points MUST be gapped to specs.
POINT GAP '82 to '85 .015-.016 in.

Gap spark plugs as follows
'82 to '85 ----- .040
'86 to '89 ----- .025
'90 to '95 ----- .035